Monday, July 21, 2008

Domestically Challenged

I saw a cute fridge magnet that said 'Domestically Challenged' at a shop at the smokies...It put a smile on my face. It would've suited me very well few years back. I almost bought it, but changed my mind as I am not 'domestically challenged' anymore. I bought the yellow magnet that says "I feel like such a failure! I've been shopping for over 20 years and i still dont have anything to wear' instead of the domestically challenged :) I have some more fridge magnets and i removed some from the fridge to make it look less-cluttered and my little one decided to "hide" some under the fridge.

This photo goes to the Fridge Magnet Event.

1 comment:

veda murthy said...

hey vibha...thank u very much for sending ur entry....ur magnet collection is cool!!!!!

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