Monday, August 11, 2008

Zucchini Ginger Curry

This is another experiment that didn't turn out to be a disaster :-)

My mom prepares similar curry with Chayote squash and i tried it with Zucchini and it was quite good.

Ingredients :

Zucchini - 3 medium sized
Ginger - 1 inch (finely grated)
Green chillies - 4 (finely chopped)
Salt to taste
Channa daal - 2 spoons
Mustard seeds, hing, cumin seeds, urad daal for seasoning.

Method :

Peel and cut the zucchinis and steam them in microwave for 4 minutes.
In a pan, take little oil and do the seasoning with mustard seeds, hing and jeera.
Add urad daal and channa daal and fry till golden brown. Add ginger and green chillies and fry for two more minutes. Add the zucchini and salt to taste and saute for few minutes. Garnish with cilantro.

Goes well with Rice and Rotis also since it's not too dry.


Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow this sounds new. Nice picture of the recipe.

Kitchen Flavours said...

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