Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beans Peanut Curry

Ingredients :

French Beans - 500 gms (I used frozen cut beans)
1/2 cup - peanuts
Channa daal - 1 spoon
urad daal - 1 spoon
Green chillies - 3
Mustards seeds, hing and curry leaves for seasoning
Salt to taste

Method :
Add salt to water and boil the peanuts till they are soft but not mushy.
Drain the water and keep the peanuts aside.
Steam the beans in microwave for 5, 6 minutes.
In a pan, take little oil and pop mustard seeds.
Add hing, curry leaves, urad daal and channa daal and fry till the daals are golden brown.
Add green chillies and fry for a minute.
Add the beans, peanuts and salt and saute till the beans are done.
Garnish with chopped cilantro.
The added protein of the peanuts makes it very healthy.


Vij said...

Hi yah
This is my first time here. You have a lovely space.
The dish looks simple n healthy!
Happy blogging

Sia said...

penuts with beans is a very neat idea.

Pallavi said...

Hi ! I am coming here from your comment on my TOI issue blog. Looks like if you change your profile name it has issue. You probably should keep whatever was before, for it to work. Let me know if this works for you.

Thanks !
Pallavi @ All Thingz Yummy

easycrafts said...

The idea of adding peanuts sounds quite interesting

Sangeeth said...

i have never used peanuts with beans...its new to me...

SriLekha said...

that looks inviting! really its a new and unique recip yar! come and join in the chicken event going in my blog!

Vibaas said...

Hi Vij, Sia, EC and Srilekha, thanks for your comments.

Pallavi, i sent a mail to sailu and she fixed the issue. Thanks for your response on this.

Srilekha, i am a vegetarian, so i wont be able to participate :(

nzrants said...

Nice to come across a vegetarian blog. I can make these beans only in two ways - one of which the family doesn't like ( with coconut) so I have no choice but to make it with tomatoes. Thanks for posting this recipe - I will try it soon and see if the kids and husband enjoy it ! It will be nice variation for them and not the same old beans with tomato ;-)

Vibaas said...

Thanks Sangeeth and nzrants

Priti said...

Simple and nice one..looks gud

Dershana said...

Hi Vibaas, first time here. I add peanuts to string beans and love them too.

So glad to find a like minded soul :-)

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